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Finally, a small SUV that will really move you

Tech-smart. Style-conscious. Designed to adapt to you. Engineered to move you. The Kia Seltos raises the bar on what a small SUV can be.

Meet the new bolder & smarter Seltos 2022

Trend Leading Innovator

Kia-Seltos-Car-Showroom - Kia dealership in Pollachi

Smart 20.32cm (8.0") Heads-up Display

Smart 20.32cm (8.0") HUD displays driving information to assist safe driving by minimizing movement of driver's line of sight

Smartstream BS6 Compliant Engine

Kia Seltos will come in petrol, turbo-petrol and diesel versions and drivers would also have the option to choose from 'Normal', 'Eco' and 'Sport' mode

26.03cm (10.25") HD touchscreen with UVO

State of the art 26.03cm (10.25") HD touchscreen with Navigation and UVO connected car technology improves the convenience and safety in the car at the same time adding to the interior style and elegance.


Stay Connected

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. UVO lets you drive with confidence, knowing someone can be there to help no matter what happens out on the road.

Kia-Selto-Connect - Best Car Dealar in Pollachi

A New-age iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

Lets you enjoy the ease of driving with clutch-free* and manual transmission even with diesel engine.

Paddle Shifters

Paddle Shifters help in quick gear shift, while Drive Modes adapt to different driving conditions with perfection. Now standard in automatic variants.

New Imperial Blue and Sparkling Silver colors to announce your arrival in a distinct fashion.

The most futuristic connected car experience is here. With 58 smart features, it makes every drive future-ready.


Room For Everything

Be it stretching out for your favourite driving position, the large boot space or various utility storages for a weekend destination, the Kia Seltos is bursting with little things to make your drive a pleasure.


Weekend Trips

Plan for the Unplanned


Safe like your home

Kia-Seltos-Safety-Structure - Kia dealership in Karur

Kia Seltos structure uses high-strength steel and adhesives to provide comprehensive safety, by reducing the impact in case of a crash

Kia-Seltos-Safety-6-Airbags - Best Car Dealar in Namakkal

SELTOS Omni-directional crash safety starts with airbags for Driver & front passenger which reduces the risk of injury by regulating airbag deployment.

Driving safety of SELTOS is amplified by the active safety features like ESC / HAC / VSM / ABS which helps you keep the car in control while driving.

Kia-Seltos-Safety-Wheel-Discbrakes - Kia dealership in Tirupur

Disc brakes on all wheels improves the braking performance and helps keep the vehicle under control enhancing the safety while driving

The high-line Tire Pressure Monitor helps you keep track of the tire pressure to protect you against any unexpected incident.

Kia-Seltos-Smart-Parking-Sensors - Kia dealership in Tirupur

Help you safely manoeuvre and park in peculiar Indian conditions.


Bose premium sound system with 8 speakers

The immersive sound achieved by specially designed Bose speakers with their Dynamic Speed Compensation technology, keeps you entertained on all your drives.