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Future calls out to those who are from a different world. Presenting the all-new Kia Carens. Hi-tech by design and inspiring by nature, the Carens is futuristic sophistication clothed in bold and edgy armor with many class-leading features. So get ready to step into a whole new world.

Trend Leading Innovator

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Robust 10 Hi-Safety Package

Kia Carens is built extraordinarily safe for you and your family with 10 robust safety features: 6 Airbags, ABS, ESC, HAC, VSM, DBC (Downhill Brake Control), BAS, All-Wheel Disc Brakes, TPMS Highline and Rear Parking Sensors available across ALL CARENS VARIANTS.

Refined & Powerful Engine Options

The Carens delivers an out-of-the-world driving experience with its class* leading Petrol and Diesel engines mated to multiple transmission options.

26.03 cm (10.25”) HD Touchscreen Navigation with Next Generation Kia Connect

Keeps you entertained and connected to your world in a smart, secure, and futuristic manner with its 66 connected car features.


Kia Connect

With 66 Smart Features, Kia Connect delivers an unmatched connected car experience. Its smart, secure and futuristic features ensure seamless advanced connectivity and complete peace of mind.

By integrating your smartphone, car, and its infotainment system into a single unit, Kia Connect provides a secure, convenient, and joyful experience of owning a Kia.

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Your Own Space

Be it the spacious seating or the remarkably large boot space, the Kia Carens gives you all the space you will ever need for your family adventures. So, the next time you hit the road, you don’t have to leave anyone or anything behind.

Comfort for the whole family

Room for everything you need

Take your world with you


Safe like your home

Kia-Carens-Safety-Structure - Kia dealership in Tirupur

Kia Carens uses high-strength steel and adhesives to ensure comprehensive safety for you and your family, by reducing the impact in case of a crash.

Kia-Carens-Safety-6-Air-Bags - Kia dealership in Erode

Kia Carens comes with 6 airbags to provide omni-directional crash safety for both the driver and the passengers.

Active safety features of the Kia Carens such as ESC/VSM/BAS/HAC/DBC/ABS help you to be in complete control of the car while you drive.

Kia-Carens-Safety-Disk-Brake - Kia dealership in Karur

Disc brakes on all wheels improves the braking performance and helps keep the vehicle under control enhancing the safety while driving

Kia-Carens-Safety-Tmps - Kia dealership in Pollachi

The high-line Tire Pressure Monitor System allows you to keep a track of the tire pressure to protect you against any unexpected incident.

Parking sensors of the Kia Carens ensure that you can safely maneuver and park in peculiar Indian driving conditions


Cutting Edge Innovation

26.03 CM (10.25”) HD Touchscreen Navigation

Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus and Bacteria Protection

3 Drive Modes

Fully Automatic Temperature Control

Perfectly high-tech way to stay entertained, navigate and connect with your world. Full segment digital LCD cluster with 10.6 cm (4.2”) TFT MID lends high-tech and modern look with all the important information for driving precision.


Travel at Ease

2nd Row One-Touch Easy Electric Tumble

Smartphone Wireless Charger with Cooling function

Passenger Seat Under Tray

Back Seat Table

Cooling Cup and Can Holders

First row cooling cup holders and second row cooling can holders to keep you and your beverage cool.

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