Celebrate Orange Diwali with Pressana Kia

The COVID 19 Pandemic has cast a dark shadow over our festival celebrations throughout this year. However, with Diwali around the corner, deep inside, we want the Diwali to be different and should be filled with optimism.

In order to light up the day, Pressana Kia is going to celebrate the 'Orange Diwali' this year to redecorate the life of society. From the dazzling orange firecracker to light up your sky to the delightful orange lamp flame to light up your house, this orange Diwali will be designated as a symbol of a new beginning.

So, are you confused why it would be Orange themed Diwali? Being a combination of vibrant red and pleasant yellow colour, the orange doesn't depict creativity, enthusiasm and success alone. The 'Extrovert' colour resembles the social nature of a person who conveys excitement, warmth and happiness


This happiest colour in Kia Seltos is much gentler when compared with red while more fun when compared with yellow. The colour not only radiates warmth with its confidence-oozing appearance but also influences your soul to be YOU and to be free.

From the rising of the 'orange' sun to going down on the same, let us believe our Orange Diwali will be the beginning for a new life and be the end to this pandemic period. Get our featured Pressana Kia Orange Cars on this 'festival of lights' to light up your life.

Love the sound of orange Seltos? Be the Badass as you know you are with the Badass Seltos. – Think Orange and Think Seltos

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